RJP Reintegration Circles Program

Restorative Justice Partners, Inc., a non-profit agency in Marina providing restorative justice services to Monterey County, is offering a Reintegration Circles program for recently incarcerated, newly released individuals to support their successful re-entry and reintegration into our community. The Reintegration Circle process has two broad aims: 
1) Facilitating a reconcilatory / healing process between the client and close family and/or friends who experienced harm due to the client's absence (this process does not involve victims of specific crimes), and building stronger relationships which can better support the client's reintegration effort;
2) Developing a detailed, positive and future-oriented plan for success, guided by the client, and based on the client's own strengths and identifying available resources and steps to realize a successful reintegration into the community.

Please see the program description on RJP's website here:

RJP is currently accepting inquiries and referrals. Please contact RJP Reintegration Circles case manager Stacy Hughes for more information:

(831) 883-4325

RJP is a service provider of restorative justice in a wide variety of forms. If you have questions regarding restorative justice in general, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you.