Trujillo a true local success story

By Jeff Mitchell at the Californian: Today, I thought I’d share a story about a man named Damian Trujillo. Some of you may know Trujillo as the high-profile TV reporter who works for KNTV-NBC in the Bay Area. But probably only a few of you know that Trujillo started out as a man of more distinctly humble roots — a man who once worked the fields in and around Greenfield with his family.

The fact that Trujillo made it from the fields of the Salinas Valley to the glitz of Bay Area TV says a lot about him, his family and friends and his own strong grit to succeed. On Friday Trujillo, the subject of a great 30-minute documentary on his life and career, will come home to the Salinas Valley to share his story with the kids of East Salinas.

Salinas Californian
News Item Publication Date: 
Thursday, March 7, 2013