Jose Arreola: Build community safety through action

Salinas and CASP Community Safety Manager Jose Arreola“I want our community members to understand that they are the most important actors in making positive change,” says Jose Arreola, the recently appointed Community Safety Manager for CASP and the City of Salinas.

Jose was interviewed by CASP member Stacy Hughes for the Californian's Saturday edition.

As Jose says, "Anywhere the seeds of violence can take root, this is where intervention and prevention are needed. These efforts include improving education, reporting crime, developing recreation and employment opportunities for youth, strengthening families, neighborhood beautification, teen pregnancy and many other issues. Because the scope is so wide, any city government is limited in how much it can do. This is where community involvement becomes so critically important."

Read more in the Californian.

Salinas Californian
News Item Publication Date: 
Saturday, April 6, 2013