Greene: Advocates Speak Up for Children

Salinas Californian interview with Siobhan Greene of Voice for Children“Violence is a learned behavior,” says Siobhan Greene, the Exeucitve Director of Voices For Children - CASA. “So are kindness, respect and empathy.”

In the latest of the Californian's continuing series of stories on CASP and its members, Siobhan explains the critical difference made by Court Appointed Special Advocates, volunteers who stand by -- and speak up for -- children in the foster care system.

"Think of advocacy as a pie with six slices," says Siobhan. "It’s one part common sense, one part compassion, one part patience, one part acceptance, one part tenacity and one part dedication. Blended together, it’s giving children exactly what they need to thrive and blossom. Advocates talk to all the people involved in a foster child’s life: foster parents, birth parents, teachers, social workers, therapists and other caregivers, to make sure everyone is focused on the same thing: helping a child feel better and do better in life."

Salinas Californian
News Item Publication Date: 
Saturday, March 16, 2013