Success a la carte: Rancho Cielo cooking program gives each student many options

Saute pans, China cap strainers and mise en place (kitchen-speak for food set-up) weren't always part of Jason Potts' repertoire. A year and a half ago, the 23-year old Salinas native was on his way to prison for violating his probation.

"I was on drugs and homeless," Potts said.

That's when a friend told him about the Drummond Culinary Academy at Rancho Cielo, a learning and social-services complex for at-risk, low-income youth in Salinas.

Assembly Member Alejo Honors Debbie Aguilar of ATFG


28th District Assembly Member Luis Alejo has honored Debbie Aguilar with a special resoultion. After her son Stephen was killed, Debbie channeled her grief into founding A Time For Grieving, a group that helps parents who have lost children to violence and works to restore peace.

Assembly Member Luis Alejo and Debbie Aguilar

Traveling exhibit inspires youth empowerment in east Salinas


A dilapidated but occupied home. A portrait of a field worker with a slight, sweet smile on her face. A mother holding an oversized photograph of the son she lost to gang violence.

The photographs strike at the viewer's heart with their glimpses of Salinas; they're images that could grace the cover of National Geographic.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Cesar Chavez Library Expansion and Remodelling Project

The NEW Cesar Chavez Library expansion and remodel is about to begin! This library features collections in Spanish, about the Chicano experience, and about the history of Mexico and Mexican-Americans. Please join us as we celebrate the beginning of this project. You are invited to enjoy FREE food and drinks at the groundbreaking ceremony. We hope to see you there!

Cesar Chavez Library expansion marks turnaround for Salinas

From the Monterey Herald: Six years ago, the city of Salinas faced closing its three libraries because of money shortages — a potentially huge civic embarrassment for the home of acclaimed author John Steinbeck.

Now, Salinas is embarking on a $2.9million construction project — partially paid for by sales taxes approved by city voters in November 2005 to save libraries and other public services — to greatly expand Cesar Chavez Library, the city's most heavily used branch.


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