Group Members

Namesort descending Organization Group Role
Alec Arago Office of Congressman Sam Farr
Andy Rausch Northminister Presbyterian
Anthony Ortiz CYO
Armando Barragon City of Salinas
Augustine Nevarez Hartnell College
Aurelio Salazar Jr. Community Foundation for Monterey County
Barry Phillips None given
Bob Reyes Monterey County Probation
Brenda Carrillo Alisal USD
Brian Contreras Second Chance
Bruce Suckow Monterey County Behavioral Health
Carina Chavez Office of Congressman Sam Farr
Carroll, Maia – Monterey County
Cate Brennan Monterey County, Public Defender’s Office
Cecilia Flores Rancho Cielo
Cheryl Camany Salinas City Elementary School District
Cheryl Trotter Harmony at Home
Colleen Beye Board of Supervisors, Monterey County
Cristan Trujillo Sun Street Centers
Daniel Villarreal Strengthening Families, CYO, Partners for Peace
David Lee Monterey County
David Maradei Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)
David Serena None given
Dean Flippo Monterey County
Debbie Martin Monterey County Probation
Debie Zorra Taylor Farms
Deborah Aguilar A Time for Grieving
Demetrio Prudeda None given
Diana Carillo Center for Employment Training
Diann Cupples The Way to Happiness/Criminon
Dick Renard Marketplace Meets Mission
Donald Landis Monterey County
Donna Ferraro Boys & Girls Club
Efrain Ramirez None given
Elizabeth Husby Restorative Justice Partners
Ellen Wrona Armstrong Productions
Elliott Robinson Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services
Emily McLaughlin MIIS
Ernest Howard Peacock Acres Inc.
Esabel Cervantes SCESD
Estella Girardey Monterey County, OET
Eva Rasul None given
Fabian Barrera Monterey County, Sheriffs Office
Francisco Estrada Office of Assemblymember Luis Alejo
Garth Ridler --
Germaine Caldwell YWCA
Gilbert Olivares None given
Gilbert Salazar Volunteer Center, United Way
Gloria De La Rosa None given
Heather Sutton MIIS